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Come Try Ringette for FREE



Many Ringette Associations offer an opportunity for new players to "Come Try Ringette" for "Free"each fall Read on for more details.

What is Ringette

Ringette is a Canadian game that was first introduced in 1963 in North Bay, Ontario. Developed originally for girls, ringette is a fast paced team sport on ice in which players use a straight stick to pass, carry and shoot a rubber ring to score goals.

Read on for more information.

Come Try Ringette events last approximately two hours with at least 45 mins of on ice time.

Watch this YouTube video to see what goes on at the Richmond Hill "Come Try Ringette" event

Here is a list of Southern Region Ringette Associations hosting "Come Try Ringette"events. Click on the location nearest to you for complete details of each event.

Niagara Falls
Richmond Hill


Ringette is played on a regular ice surface, with a ring instead of a puck and with some additional lines and markings on the ice.

Ringette equipment is similar to hockey except for a couple of pieces. Ringette stick has a ribbed tip to help shoot the ring. Ringette mask has a tighter gauge to prevent the smaller tip from penetrating.


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