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Southern Region Officiating Development Program - SROD

The Southern Region Officiating Development Program has been put together to aid the development of less experienced level 1 referees (or early level 2) into the tournament experience, and make them feel comfortable and have an understand the workings of a tournament and the tournament referee "team".

The goal is to have as many less experienced referees have a door opened into an out of town tournament, be mentored and evaluated, and be exposed to the different world of tournament officiating. We will facilitate the evaluation process, and guide the candidates to become better referees. We will be developing possible candidates for the POD program down the road.

The method.

We ask Southern Region tournaments to make 1 or 2 spots on their referee team available to out of town Level 1 or early level 2 referees. They will need to schedule them into games that will give them opportunity to be mentored and evaluated. They will also need to provide hotel accommodation for the referee, hopefully rooming with a more experienced referee that can monitor how they are doing, and help make sure they are included in the total tournament experience. The tournament must be aware that transportation at the tournament between the hotel and arenas may not be available to the referee in the program. This is easily rectified by making other referees at the hotel aware of the situation.

Note: This is not to take away opportunity from any tournament's in house level 1's. Evaluators can be asked to give guidance and direction to any developing referee, and include them in the evaluation process.

We ask RICs from Southern Region associations to assist the program in finding candidates for the program, less experienced referees that are Level 1 but close to a Level 2 evaluation, or early Level 2 who are looking to expand their experience level. Candidates must be actively refereeing games and be eager to participate in the experience. The RIC may need to arrange transportation, possibly with other referees, to the event location. Note: Parents are not required or expected to attend. We hope they will see the benefits when the referee does the next game at home. We are trying to aid in the development of a competent, confident adult as well as a referee. We are asking evaluators attending the tournament to introduce themselves and take some time to explain what evaluators do in the development of referee, helping the official work toward the next level. Every participant in the SROD program should receive at least one evaluation by the end of the weekend. We can also assist a tournament in locating evaluators that can attend their tournament, if the help is required.

Dave McFadden, SROD Coordinator, Southern Co-RIC
Jeff Evans, Southern Co-RIC
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